Owners of Club Monte Anfi often find themselves trapped in infinite contracts with rapidly increasing maintenance fees which ultimately stems from a mis-sold timeshare contract. Over recent years there have been a number of ground-breaking rulings regarding mis-sold timeshares by many timeshare groups and resorts which have resulted in refunds and compensation. Many owners of Anfi timeshare contracts are entitled to, or have already made claims.

There has been a huge increase in timeshare release enquiries and complaints from customers with Club Monte Anfi timeshares.

Many Anfi timeshare owners have chosen to terminate their timeshare on the grounds of:

  • High increases in fees including annual maintenance fees
  • Aggressive fee collection procedures enforced by the timeshare scheme
  • Contracts committing owners to paying fees “in perpetuity”

Be carefull with Anfi vacation transport

We just spent one week in Monte Anfi resort. We have a membership since 2005.

Sometimes we stay in Monte sometimes in Puerto. The resort is great, we like to come back. Just could be better if they clean the room and change the towels every day. But i was very disappointed with their transport. They are waiting usually at the airport with the board Anfi club trying to catch people.

We honestly recommend you to take a taxi. Because with them 1. you need to wait until they find enough people at the airport to fill the bus. 2.they charge you even the babies without seat and children as adults (15-20€), what is not correct 3.

If you have some question or reclamation you need to find their office Anfi vacation club, where is just very arrogant slim lady, who doesn’t want to talk to you, if you are not Scandinavian 4. when you arrive at the resorts, you need to wait in each part of the resort for people to go out with their luggage (10-15 min each part).

So that’s, why we recommend taking a taxi, is cheaper and much more comfortable and faster (50€). Don’t get confused with their expensive and not comfortable bus.