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(*Fees will be payable if the contract is cancelled at the clients request)


If you are a timeshare owner and are looking for a legal way to terminate your timeshare agreement then we can help you. Reclaim Timeshares are a regulated and authorised timeshare termination company.

We are one of the very few who work on a ‘*No Win No Fee’ basis. (*Fees will be payable if the contract is cancelled at the clients request)

On many of our claims we do not charge large up-front fees and have thousands of successful terminations under our belt.

You will not find a better company to help you get out of your agreement. We now have a 5* rating from over 2000 voters! We are very proud of the professional timeshare termination service. Before you speak with any timeshare lawyer or timeshare solicitor, talk to us – we have an enviable track record of getting timeshare owners out of their contracts and free from their liabilityto expensive timeshare maintenance fees

We can offer release advise initially and then further help if compensation is available.

Simply complete the form on this page and we will call you to discuss your requirements further.

If you prefer then call us for a preliminary chat, you will be glad you did.

Many of our customers have been released from their timeshare nightmare and no longer have to worry about expensive maintenance fees.


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