Owners of Marriott Resorts timeshares often find themselves trapped in infinite contracts with rapidly increasing maintenance fees which ultimately stems from a mis-sold timeshare contract. Over recent years there have been a number of ground-breaking rulings regarding mis-sold timeshares by many timeshare groups and resorts which have resulted in refunds and compensation.

Many owners of Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort timeshare contracts are entitled to, or have already made claims. Reasons for people wanting out of these timeshare agreements include hard- selling techniques, ewxpensive annual timeshare resort fees and the potential for being stuck into contracts committing owners to paying fees “in perpetuity”

Not recommending it

I was Disappointed regarding the absence of animation team accompanied with no fun activities for both kids or adults during whole day (except calling for beach volleyball only).at night we tried to join the show & discovered its related to the cafe with extra fees.i’ve never spent a boring vacation in Hurghada as this one.

Most sea view from the beach is blocked by the island which prevent feeling relaxed as if you are sitting on a lake. Food was normal you will not be satisfied by the quality but you will fulfil your hunger, although deserts are more delicious.