Forest Hills Hotel and Spa

Owners of Macdonald Resort timeshares often find themselves trapped in infinite contracts with rapidly increasing maintenance fees which ultimately stems from a mis-sold timeshare contract. Over recent years there have been a number of ground-breaking rulings regarding mis-sold timeshares by many timeshare groups and resorts which have resulted in refunds and compensation. Many owners of Macdonald Doña Lola Resort timeshare contracts are entitled to, or have already made claims.

Leila Playa

Very clean resort. Location very good. Resort on the beach front.

Resort staff always helpful.

Restaurant average, staff need to smile more and try and be more happier to customers.

Would be helpful if the restaurant was open in the morning for coffee and even a breakfast. They advertise breakfast on there menu so you would think breakfast was before 12pm bit there open around that time?. The apartments very clean, maintained very well etc.

The are parking issues at this resort in high season. The pool is lovely but can get very busy so get down there early. There are rules around the pool which you have to sign a disclaimer for but as usual seems that this isn’t policed by the pool staff..

Over all resort very nice but there are some issues need to be sorted.