Owners of Marriott Resorts timeshares often find themselves trapped in infinite contracts with rapidly increasing maintenance fees which ultimately stems from a mis-sold timeshare contract. Over recent years there have been a number of ground-breaking rulings regarding mis-sold timeshares by many timeshare groups and resorts which have resulted in refunds and compensation. Many owners of Marriott Resort timeshare contracts are entitled to, or have already made claims.

Some Marriot owners have instructed a  timeshare termination following concerns over

  • high increases in fees including timeshare maintenance fees
  • Mis-selling at the time of the timeshare presentation
  • Contracts committing owners to paying fees for  “timeshare in perpetuity”

Avoid this place for your own good

I am a Marriott reward member who travels all around the world. I am still loyal to Marriott and also am a SPG member.

This place is nothing but a joke. Do not fall for their low rate. Lack of courtesy even when it goes to their so called managers (some youngsters who lacks adequate work knowledge and manner), poor communication between their different parties and horrible (I kid you not) housekeeping service (some times for days) are just a few on top of their problem list. If your budget is short and you don’t mind not getting treated not properly for your money then let’s roll the red carpet for you. I wish I could not even give them one single star.