Noosa Sound Resort, Queensland

Owners of Noosa Sound Resort, Queensland timeshares often find themselves trapped in infinite contracts with rapidly increasing maintenance fees which ultimately stems from a mis-sold timeshare contract. Over recent years there have been a number of ground-breaking rulings regarding mis-sold timeshares by many timeshare groups and resorts which have resulted in refunds and compensation. Many owners of Noosa Sound Resort, Queensland timeshare contracts are entitled to, or have already made claims.

There has been a huge increase in timeshare release enquiries and complaints from customers with Noosa Sound Resort, Queensland timeshares.

Many concerns centre on the following factors:

  • High increases in fees including maintenance
  • Aggressive fee collection procedures enforced by the timeshare scheme
  • Contracts committing owners to paying fees “in perpetuity”

If you believe you had a Noosa Sound Resort, Queensland timeshare contract mis-sold to you or you wish to be released from your timeshare contract, please contact one of our experts at Reclaim Timeshares or fill in the form below.