The Club Wyndham Vacation Ownership scam is notorious in online forums and complaint boards. In most cases a timeshare scam comes about from hard sales tactics and false information, but this case is different.

You will be (or have been) asked to sign a contract with secret hidden fees, escape clauses and extra charges. A large proportion of the timeshare contracts signed by Wyndham not only involve fraud but sales tactics that borderline illegal. Wyndham resort owners have said that the reasons behind wanting to cancel their timeshare comes as a reulst of high increase in fees including maintenance fees, being mis-sold by the timeshare rep and being subjected to contracts committing owners to paying fees “in perpetuity”

Timeshare nightmare and poor service

Stayed there October 7th to 10th 2017. This resort is kind of far from everything. Check in was quick, but then they tell you that you need to go see some ladies for your gift pack before going to your room. It is almost impossible to get past these people and it is obvious that they are timeshare related.

They offer you breakfast, a bottle of wine, $100 and more, they do not let you past without booking a time with them but they say this is different, it is just informational to spread the news about there resort by word of mouth. Well, that was a complete lie.

We ended up going and what a mistake. the next group of people you meet are liars, cons and very rude if you don’t want to spend the $112,000.00 they want from you.

These people are the lowest life form on earth.

The resort was okay, but, the service was terrible. they have a bar by the pool but nobody worked there for the whole time we were there, could not get a drink in 3 days, weekend days.

The pool attendant that was supposed to be there to hand out towels, we saw once in 3 days. the food at the bar & grill was not good at all and it is the only place to get something to eat on the whole resort.

The golf course is nice and the staff in the pro shop are awesome. when we went to check out, it was 4:00 am and the door to the front desk was locked but there was someone supposed to be working. We could see him in there, we rang the night bell and pounded on the door for 15 minutes but could not get his attention because he was wearing a headset listening to music.

We had a cab waiting there for us also to this guy at the desk was off in another world.

I would not recommend this place to anyone.