Amalfi Resort TIMESHARE

Many of the Austrlia’s timeshare owners are currently tied into contracts with  Amalfi Resort – one of the leading timeshare schemes in the Australia. 

There has been a huge increase in complaints and timeshare release enquires in recent months from customers witth Amalfi Resort 

Many concerns centre on the following factors:

  • High increase in fees including maintenance
  • Consistently broken promises by the Westgate Resorts Management Team
  • Changes to the points system operated by the Amalfi Resort scheme
  • Aggressive fee collection procedures operated by Westgate
  • Contracts committing owners to paying fees “in perpetuity”

If the contract with Westgate Resorts was sold “in perpetuity” or you were pressured into a contract with little knowledge of the implications then you can claim against the resort or a timeshare release on the grounds of miss-selling.

If you believe you had a timeshare contract with Amalfi Resort and you wish to be released from your timeshare scheme & points, please contact one of our experts at Reclaim Timeshare