The Club Wyndham Vacation Ownership scam is notorious in online forums and complaint boards. In most cases a timeshare scam comes about from hard sales tactics and false information, but this case is different.

You will be (or have been) asked to sign a contract with secret hidden fees, escape clauses and extra charges. A large proportion of the timeshare contracts signed by Wyndham not only involve fraud but sales tactics that borderline illegal.  Those resort owners who had Wyndham Timeshare agreements and wanted to terminate them, cited the following reaons for their timeshare relinquishment

Many of the issues revolve around the following points:

  • High increase in fees including maintenance fees
  • Aggressive fee collection procedures enforced by the timeshare scheme
  • Contracts committing owners to paying fees “in perpetuity“

Nice resort, but don’t count on quiet

Staff was really good.
We asked for a few things and they were at our door with them within a minute it seemed like.
The grounds were kept up and the rooms we stayed in were very nice.
The one negative though, and it’s a big one, is that you could hear EVERYTHING going on in the upper unit from the lower one.
I think a herd of elephants must have rented out that space. I knew every time they took a shower or used the water. The saving grace was they didn’t stay up much later than we did, but God forbid if they would have.
Room Tip: Get an upper unit. At least you will be the one annoying the person below. Hey, it’s your vacation, might as well be selfish.